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UD Cherish (by webunderdog) is a premium wedding & marriage template for Joomla 2.5. This theme is ideal for any newly engaged couple wishing to highlight their upcoming dates and events for friends and family members. It comes with over 42 module positions and includes nearly a dozen pre-installed extensions in the Akeeba quickstart package. This fixed-width template, based on the 960 grid system, has the functionality to dynamically scale many of the module positions. This template is built on the Joomla 2.5 version and is available for purchase.


There are thousands of Joomla third-party extensions available in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). Extensions basically "extend" the functionality of the core Joomla framework.
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Module Positions

This template has over 50 module positions. If you would like to see the module positions layout, please click here. Modules extend your template and make it easy for changing your design layout and visual hierarchy.
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We've installed several typography or shortcodes in addition to the standard Joomla installation. Please visit the Typography page to learn more.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage and control the content of your website easily and without much technical knowledge or web skills. A CMS allows you to edit text, delete/add pictures and much more, fast and easy. These systems are time savers and help you to publish content online faster. We proudly use Joomla CMS for projects.

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Joomla is an award-winning CMS, which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. Joomla.org

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